CZW Only The Strong

CZW Only the Strong: Sixth Anniversary Show
February 5, 2005
The Arena
Philadelphia, PA

”Witness the show fans are calling one of the best CZW shows ever” reads SmartMarkVideo’s description. A quick search on Google reveals more than one person agreeing with this opinion, but let’s see if it’s just rated highly because it’s following Gen Z.

John House and Rick Feinberg (in character, ah hell) are on commentary.

Derek Frazier vs. Heretic
Heretic has no face-paint for some reason and looks like Jimmy Jacobs. Heretic lost to BLK OUT last month but made some headway with getting over with the crowd. Frazier pinned Niles Young last month but isn’t really doing anything. Spinny leg moves are countered by both men until we get an Indy Stand-off and ”HUSS!” chants. Heretic tosses Frazier into the air and uppercuts him on the way down. Hey, that’s Claudio’s move! That’s just rude. Heretic tries to applause after everything he does, which is NOT the way to get a reaction from the CZW faithful. Another uppercut and a Mexican Surfboard to Frazier and the crowd responds with more chants of ”HUSS!” with ‘Tic looking annoyed. Well it’s your own fault for not wearing your bloody face-paint. Frazier tosses Heretic, catches him on his shoulders and DVDs him. Feinberg is trying to be funny at the expense of the match which is why I’m not looking forward to two discs of this fucker. Heretic spins around Frazier’s body and kicks him in the head and follows it up with a Springboard Codebreaker for two. Frazier idly picks him up and gives Heretic the Pure Impact for the abrupt pin.

Winner: Derek Frazier (*1/2)

Very short.

Post-Match Heretic displays his lack of humour by not accepting the ”HUSS!” chants and walks to the back dejected.

Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jon Dahmer & DJ Hyde

This was supposed to be Zandig/Hero but I guess Zandig couldn’t get medical clearance. Dahmer (in)famously pinned Hero last month which still riles some people. Hero gets on the mic and reveals the term ”One Man Gang” is already copyrighted. He has better continuity than Heretic. Tonight he names Claudio his…”Intelligent, Revolutionary Security…his I.R.S” The crowd laughs. Dahmer/Hyde come out. They stop laughing. House rides the Dahmer Love Train again. Let’s see if he can wrestle Hero without blowing up first. Armdrags and armlocks to start until Hero just forearms Dahmer and tags in Claudio. Hyde tags in and armlocks Claudio who beautifully gets himself out of the hold limb by limb and puts on the cravat to a confused Hyde. Claudio continues outclassing Hyde with his technical abilities until Hyde has enough and puts Claudio in his own cravat!

Claudio gets flustered so he slaps Hyde. When Hyde gives chase, Hero cuts him and cravats him on the outside! Hyde resumes offence on Claudio, causing Claudio to beg Hero to tag in. Due to the efforts of guys like Claudio and Hero, Hyde had a small fan following during this time. Dahmer tags in and spinebusters Claudio for two. Hero sneaks in a cravat as Dahmer comes off an Irish Whip. Claudio holds Dahmer down so hero can dive off the top, but he instead jumps down and stomps him. Hero slingshots Dahmer into a European Uppercut. They do it again with the roles reversed and Hero locks in a GUESS. Whilst in the cravat he bangs Dahmer’s head into the turnbuckle a few times and tries a roll-up pin. Claudio hits the huge diving shoulder to the gut in the corner, but Dahmer counters a second attempt to a sunset flip for two. A blustered Claudio gives Dahmer a STO and tags out. I liked that about Claudio’s character: He was all fun and games but if you countered one of his moves or hurt him, he’d bust out his real moves. Hero Kick in the corner to Dahmer. Hero taunts Hyde so the ref can focus his attention on him, and joins in the counting when the referee tells Hyde off. It’s the little things. Dahmer puts Hero in a Cobra Clutch and jumps on his back to apply it. Hero just drops backwards like Vader/Cactus Jack. Dahmer suddenly gets FIGHTING SPIRIT or something and starts no-selling and Dahmering Up and backdrops Hero. Hyde makes the hot (at the time) tag and demolishes both men and avalanches both of them in the corner and follows with a Butt Bump. Hyde spinebusters Hero onto Claudio for two. Dahmer suplexes hero into a Powerbomb by Hyde for a nifty two-count. Hero and Claudio double-team Dahmer with a Spike Brainbuster which I’ve never seen before and focus on Hyde, the legal man. He escapes a few moves until Claudio locks in his own Cobra Clutch. Hyde’s hand drops three times, but Hero distracts the ref because he’s the leader of the team. He tags in and gives a lifeless Hyde the Hero’s Welcome for the easy pin.

Winner: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli (***)

I over-rate everything Hero and Claudio did together during this period and don’t give a fuck. They were THAT good together and this is before they were even Kings Of Wrestling. Hero sort-of got his revenge from last month but didn’t pin Dahmer. Does that mean a rubber match? or can we just move on? Dahmer and Hyde were able to follow the pace set by Hero and IRS.

Milanito Collection AT (w/ Invisible Dog) vs. Skayde

This is CZW, right? Mike Quackenbush takes over commentary from Feinberg, PRAISE JESUS. Skayde wrestled Quack in the Dub last year but this is AT’s only appearance. Skayde scares AT’s dog so he makes the ref take him away. Skayde with a knucklelock and when AT tries to turn out of it, he follow it with a top wristlock but AT backflips to escape and armdrags him. Skayde goes back to the top wirstlock but AT counters with a Short Arm Scissors and armdrag but Skayde counters that but AT counters THAT with a head scissors. They’re making the opening parts of the match feel important. Quack is helping as I’m just typing what he’s saying. House has no clue what to call anything but for once I empathise. Skayde uses his head to surfboard AT, but AT scurries out and does some fast flips to get out of it and not even Quack can keep up. That’s a compliment right there. AT shows his flexibility with some dodges off an Irish Whip and he arm drags and twisting Frankensteiners Skayde out of the ring. AT is the young, hot student and Skayde is the wily veteran. Skayde tricks AT into ducking a move, only to legdrop his head whilst he’s down. He also slams AT on this face. Just because. He gives him a facebuster and working a model’s face counts as good psychology in my book. AT rolls up Skayde in a way I couldn’t type if I had fifty fingers and it gets two. Skayde gives him a twilt-a-whirl backbreaker and holds him to give AT a Stunner. And then holds on again to give him a Chestburster. And then holds on to a pin attempt! It gets two and Quack is marking out. Skayde tries the reverse Torture Rack but AT gets out and takes Skayde’s knee to the face instead. I’d make a shit Lucha Libre reviewer. ”He countered the thing into another thing”. Skayde is trying to end the match now, as he tries to pin him several times after a bear hug move and after a few attempts rolls the Skayde Special on AT for the pin.

Winner: Skayde (***3/4)

I could not keep up with this at all. I would give further praise but it was sadly Just A Match with no feud or relevance to anything in front of a crowd that had no idea how to react. Flawless match though and Quack’s commentary helped me not only type out the names of the moves but emphasised the importance of the moves and informed me who the hell both men were.

Ghost Shadow & Spyral vs. All Money Is Legal (K-Murda & K-Pusha) vs. El Generico & Beef Wellington vs. Flying Hurricanes (Kenny The Bastard & Takao)(C) (IWS Tag Team Titles)

And the difference in commentary is immediately apparent as Feinberg shits over Ghost Shadow rather than explain who he is or why he’s good. He then wonders if Beef practices his Ass Punch with his housemate Generico. How did this insufferable cunt get the commentating position? This is the Flying Hurricane’s first appearance for CZW and we’re on Elimination Rules.

Beef and Takao start off. Beef gets the crowd behind him but Takao kicks his face off. El and K-Pusha now and El beats him with punches and a standing moonsault. Pusha tags in Murda and El takes a beating before tagging in Shadow. Shadow axe kicks the back of Murda’s head. He spreads out Murda horizontally so Spyral can double stomp his back. Shadow then holds him outside so Spyral can baseball slide him too. Shadow and Spyral had the fancy moves but as shown last month, it takes a lot more than that. They’re both still goofy in terms of body language and mannerisms too. Murda step-up enziguris Spyral to escape further beatings and tags in Kenny The Bastard who hits a Flying Frankensteiner off the top to Spyral. Bastard follows with a beautiful satellite headscissors on Shadow. Beef and El start a ”LET’S GO KENNY” chant to amuse themselves. Spyral gets Bastard on the top rope in a Styles Clash position but falls off and lands on his feet (still holding Bastard). Shadow helps him back up onto the ropes, but ends up pushing too hard and sends them up both out to the floor. That was a scary botch and sadly not the first time Spyral would be involved in one of those. He tags out to Shadow but makes sure to deliver B-Boy’s Running Sit-Out DVD Bomb before he exits. AMIL end up saving Bastard from injury by giving Shadow their Dropkick/Canadian Destroyer combination to eliminate Spyral and Shadow.

They weren’t even tagged in, so I wonder if they thought ”You know what, fuck this” and forcibly pinned them. /BullshitRumourStartedByMe. Beef comes in and ends up powerbombing El onto both horizontal members of AMIL. El with the Yakuza Kick in the corner to Murda, who sells like he’s knocked out. AMIL don’t get a lot of love but they’re one of my favourite spot-monkey indy teams for the little things they do. El spikes Murda with a brutal-looking Michinoku Driver II but Pusha makes the save. Beef teases a big move off the top but follows with an Axe Handle. Pusha comes back with a Reverse Powerbomb/Tope Rope X Factor combo but El makes the save. They try another double team but Beef gives Murda THE ASS PUNCH to mass ”HOLY SHIT” chants. El drops Murda with The Brainbustaaah to eliminate AMIL.

We’re down to the two IWS teams now. Before AMIL even leave the ring, Bastard tries a baseball slide to Beef on the outside, but ends up short so Beef slides him the rest of the way and SPLATS him on the floor. Fuck. Takao makes the save with a top rope swanton. Takao duels with El inside and DVDs him for two. Beef interferes and Bastard takes a Package German Suplex (!!) but Takao makes the save. He gives Beef a sit-out version of Pure Impact and Takao powerbombs Bastard off the top rope onto Beef with such force he does a flip in the process for the pin!

Winners and still IWA Tag Team Champions: The Flying Hurricanes. (***1/2)

Cracking match once Shadow and Spiral were gone. The Flying Hurricanes looked splendid. Everybody gets ”IWS” and ”Please Come Back” chants. That was their only CZW appearance.

Super Dragon & Excalibur vs. Blackout (Eddie Kingston & Sabian)

Robbie Mireno:”Given that it’s Black History Month, we thought we’d make some Black History”. He also says Ruckus is challenging Messiah tonight for the belt. Was that not announced beforehand? So that makes two shows CZW ran with no announced main event. Dragon and Excalibur are very over. This match was set up last month where BLK OUT stopped a certain win for Dragon & Excalibur. Sabian and Ex start off and exchange pleasantries with headlocks and headscissors. Crowd wants Dragon but Sabian isn’t stupid so he tags in Kingston who gets a few female squees from the crowd when he tags in. They both test each other’s strength and it’s even until Kingston knocks Dragon down. He headlocks Dragon for a while and lets Sabian tag in while Dragon is winded. As soon as Dragon gets an opening he slaps his tiny face off and gives him a Twilt-A-Whirl Slam. Ex now in which seems a much fairer fight. Ex and Dragon murder Sabian with the Double Stomp/Backbreaker stretch combo. The crowd know the move is coming too, which only adds to the impact. Dragon tries the Curb Stomp but he can’t get Sabian’s arms to do what he wants so he applies a Mexican Surfboard and adds a Dragon Sleeper to it to completely stretch Sabian out. If that wasn’t enough, Ex comes in with a Basement Dropkick to Sabian’s chest. Kingston has to make the save and no wonder. Ex in as Kingston tries to get Sabian to tag, but Sabian chooses to somehow Mexican Armdrag both Ex and Dragon off the top. They end up outside and Sabian dives onto both of them. Kingston drags in Ex and gives him a quick STO while the crowd chants ”YOU FAT FUCK” at him. Sabian gets two and makes Ex choke himself with his arms. Kingston comes in and continues with a Camel Clutch and forearms behind the ref’s back. Sabain continues and tries a Camel Clutch pin. It gets two so Kingston in and puts Ex in a Canadian Backbreaker. BLK OUT continue the assault with every attempt to tag out being cut off. BLK OUT give Ex a springboard version of the Demolition Decapitator. Ex manages to come back after taking it and quickly hits a desperate Ace Crusher. This enables him to tag in Dragon who naturally kills everyone. An armbar on Sabian is held on and turned into a Sit-Out Powerbomb (That somehow worked). Kingston goes up top for some unknown move and there’s a long awkward moment where neither man know what the other wants. Dragon eventually stands on Kingston’s crotch, Team Canada style. Dragon tries for the Psycho Driver but Kingston hits a quick back suplex to prevent that. Ex in and counters a suplex with a DDT, then tries his own suplex and turns it into an elevated DDT. That looked painful. Kingston gives Ex a rough Tombstone and this is falling apart. Dragon ends up crotched on top and Kingston flips him off as Sabian Frog Splashes Dragon. Ex makes the save and gives Kingston an inhuman looking German Suplex off the top rope. Ex hangs on in the ropes via legs and gets a BLK JEEZ Double Stomp for his troubles. Sabian turns his attention to Dragon which is the worst thing he could do as he immediately gives him a Curb Stomp. And then gives him another one to please the crowd. Sabian kicks out. WHAT? Too often, Super Dragon matches end up being totally fucking ridiculous and impossible to take seriously when guys the size of Sabian kick out of TWO Curb Stomps after taking a match worth of big moves. Dragon decides to give Sabian a Spinning Powerbomb off the top rope…for another two count. See how ridiculous that is to read? Dragon signals to finish with the Psycho Driver but Sabian turns it into a Frankensteiner Pin for…the pin? Wait, what?

Winners: BLK OUT (***)

They had a very good match going until the last few minutes where they tried to stretch the believability of wrestling as far as it could go. Sadly it snapped. Aside from that and some communication issues, good match.

Kaos vs. Adam Flash (w/ Dewey Donovon) (Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Falls Count Anywhere)

Kaos’ last match for CZW. People debate to this day (well, maybe not) whether or not it was CZW’s unrealistic expectations of him or Kaos’ inability to wrestle as anything other than an Orange Rob Van Dam that lead to such a short stint. Flash interfered in Kaos’ Iron Man Title match last month and fell through some tables but it was his own fault. The commentators make it sound like Kaos is to blame for Flash setting up a ladder and then climbing it near some stacked tables. Flash takes a back body drop to start and Kaos shows us his superior athletic abilities. I’ll say this for him: he LOOKED more like a star than half the roster. A DVD stalls Flash long enough for Kaos to get a ladder as House and Feinberg discuss the ”amazing” Tables and Scaffold match at COD VI, the only Scaffold match in indy history where nobody took a bump off the scaffold. Flash gets tossed into some vertical ladders a few times. Kaos sets up a ladder across the ropes but Flash crotches him through/on them. He follows up with a slingshot on the slightly elevated ladder. Kaos takes a Running Powerbomb into the set-up ladder in the corner for a two-count. Flash places Kaos on a horizontal ladder but misses a legdrop and kills his arse. As Flash recovers on the outside with a ladder in hand, Kaos dives over the top. Match has been acceptable so far. They brawl around the crowd and fight near a wall as ”Can’t See Shit” chants break out. Flash gives him a piledriver on the concrete to the adulation of five fans and those watching at home. Dewey holds Kaos on two tables as Flash goes to the upper part of the arena… and Leg Drops him off the top of the arena for the pin!

Winner: Adam Flash (**3/4)

Quick but inoffensive, which makes it better than the COD VI match. Full of bumps but lack of feud or purpose other than ‘BUMPS!’ means I can’t rate it any higher. Flash loved jumping off of shit.

Team Ca$h (Chri$ Ca$h & ‘Spyder’ Nate Webb) (C) vs. The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage) (CZW Tag Team Titles)

Webb, Cash and Bailey all come out with the belts and Webb performs his usual fabulous entrance as the other two wait patiently in the ring. Bailey is annoyed Webb and cash are defending the belts when it was Webb who won the belts at COD VI. For wrestling, that’s very logical. This would end up being Chris Cash’s last match with CZW before his unfortunate death in August. Pain gets on the mic and announces this is Team Ca$h’s funeral. Ahhhhhh shit. He goes on to be the usual ”I’m the best” promo and remembers when Cash used to sit in the front row and wished to be like Pain. He then switches gears and inexplicably calls out ‘Sick’ Nick Mondo and tells him he’s not done with wrestling, he’ll be back. SPOILER: He was done. One of the very few indy retirements to actually stick. God only knows where that came from, but trust Pain to run his mouth like that and suck all the focus from the participants in the match. He was always doing that and it’s the reason the fans turned on him so brutally in 2007.

Webb starts things off by somehow getting Gage to dance with him. He tags Cash instead to further get under Gage’s skin and tags back in when Cash has the advantage. It’s like watching Squirrel Girl vs. Doctor Doom. Cash and Webb continue to work quick flippy moves on Gage until he has enough and lariats the neck from Cash. Pain in now and he overhead belly-to-belly suplexes Cash and follows it with a head-scissors and a variety of other submissions including The Brock Lock. Pain is in full-on ‘I CAN DO ANYTHING’ mode. Cash relents and shows he can *nearly* go move-to-move with him but Pain seizes every opportunity to look better. The sorry thing is, Cash really can’t wrestle at Pain’s level but Pain’s doing nothing to help the poor guy. Cash tags after a mid-air collision and Webb sends both of them to the outside and follows with a Tope Con Hello. Pain moves out of the way and into the ring so Cash gives him a Springboard Bodypress to which Pain kicks out at one. I’m not deliberately trying to point out every dick move Pain makes, but it’s like seeing the strings on a prop: Once you’ve noticed it you can’t un-notice it. Cash sends Pain to the outside and gives him his own Tope Con Hello and Pain catches him by basically powerbombing him on the floor. I used to love this guy’s matches. Webb puts his clock necklace back on and deflects a Gage punch to the face by pulling it up. He then shatters the clock as the crowd goes crazy but Pain stops the pin. He spinebusters Webb and they hit the double-team Boston Crab/Diving Headbutt. Pain puts a table in the ring and they attempt the Spike Piledriver but Pain is suplexed to the outside and Webb DDT’s Gage through the table instead. Gage somehow kicks out. Webb places Gage horizontal on the floor outside and goes for a FUCKING MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE. Gage moves and Webb lands crotch-first to the concrete. Jesus. Pain and Gage arm themselves with chairs and Bailey drags Webb into the ring to save him…only to turn on him and Cash by striking him with a chair. In fairness I don’t think Webb was good for much following that moonsault. Gage immediately Face Washes Cash and they easily Spike Piledrive Cash for the win and the titles.

Winners and NEW CZW Tag Team Champions: The H8 Club (**)

The stuff with Webb and Gage was very entertaining but Pain’s antics took it down a notch. And this was the last ever Chris Cash match. Even though he wasn’t the greatest wrestler on the roster, he was immune to fear. That meant a lot in CZW.

Post-match Bailey throws another chair at Webb at ringside and Pain joins in. This isn’t your angle, dick head! He throws him over the guard-rail and back and Pain gets on the mic too as Bailey abuses Webb with a chair inside the ring. Pain accidentally calls himself ”Nick Pain” in a funny moment. Zandig comes out and introduces the concept of the Ultraviolent Underground and says after the show they’ll see some Ultraviolence ”and if you don’t want to watch, go the fuck home!” Bailey leaves and Webb asks Zandig to dance. He looks tempted, but he instead challenges Bailey to a Barbed Wire Cage Match after the show. How many feuds and angles can CZW fit into one segment? That match isn’t on this DVD by the way, they put it on the UVU Vol. 1 DVD instead. Huh.

B-Boy (C) vs. Franky the Mobster (C) (CZW Iron Man Title, IWS World Title)

I love Franky The Mobster. This is his debut and it’s Title vs. Title with B-Boy. Franky shows no fear towards B-Boy as he’s much bigger than him. He takes a few strikes and immediately goes to the outside to recover. Franky was a better ‘Psycho’ guy than most other wrestlers with ‘Psycho’ gimmicks. B-Boy gives Franky a Spinal Tap and Reverse Chinlock. Franky sells everything like death. B-Boy slingshots him out of the corner and kicks him in the crotch as he lands. This spurs Franky on who Jawbreakers B-Boy and kicks him outside. Franky dives to the outside (!) to knock B-Boy down. Franky acts tired but stops to use his inhaler and feels better. There was definitely an increase in comedy in CZW at this point. Franky big boots b-Boy and gives the crowd a curtsey. Actually Franky isn’t funny, he’s terrifying. A T-Bone Suplex and another Reverse Chinlock with Franky in control. He busts out a Blockbuster on B-Boy but Boy counters a Sunset Flip with a knee to the face. They take turns chopping each other until Franky gives B-Boy the Randy Orton Elevated DDT off the top rope for two. Franky’s offence is varied to say the least. B-Boy comes back with boots to the head and a T-Bone Suplex. Franky makes the mistake of resting in the corner so B-Boy gives him a Facelift. Franky powers up and plants him with a Pump Handle Slam for two. This indignation causes Franky to spit on the ref and it’s a visible one too! Ugh. B-Boy takes this opportunity to give Franky a Brainbuster but it gets two. B-Boy now a bit mad gives him the Shining Wizard…for two. B-Boy can’t believe it and neither can the crowd. He tries it again but Franky grabs his knee before contact is made and turns it into The Death Threat…for two. Now Franky can’t believe it. He musters up something but B-Boy tries for a backslide for two, then a small package for two, which Franky reverses for…three!

Winner and NEW CZW Iron Man Champion: Franky The Mobster (**1/2)

They didn’t gel but it wasn’t a bad match. Franky winning the title in his debut also meant the crowd did not ‘get’ Franky. That would change.

Crowd seems stunned and unsure how to react. B-Boy very reluctantly tosses FTM the belt and shakes his hand before leaving. Franky clotheslines the referee and kisses a few angry fans on the way out.

Alex Shelley (c) vs The Arsenal vs Mike Quackenbush vs Sexxxy Eddy (CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title)

Chris Hero joins us on commentary, hooray! Eddy is massively over for his TOD antics last year, Quack is over for being Quack, Arsenal gets polite applause because of TOD last year and all the girls love Alex Shelley. Shelley pinned Dutt last month to end Dutt’s 13 month reign and was the only reason to watch Gen Z. A four-man lock up to start. Quack monkey flips three men at once and ties up Eddy. He does the same to Arsenal but Shelley interrupts so Quack puts him an Abominable Stretch whilst using his legs to Indian Deathlock Arsenal. Fabulous. Eddy gets out of himself and superkicks Quack out the ring. He follows him with a pescado as Arsenal takes a spinebuster from Shelley. Quack sends Shelley to the outside and follows Shelley with a Tope Con Hello (landing on his feet). Eddy tries a Sexy Press but Arsenal kicks him in the crotch as he lands. Second time that’s happened tonight but it hurts Eddy more as that’s the source of all his power. Arsenal rides Eddy in the corner by walking on his face. Arsenal cuts an Eddy dive into the ring with an Elevated Neckbreaker from the ropes. Quack attempts something off the top but Shelley and Arsenal stop him, so Quack adapts and sunset flips Shelley who German Suplexes Arsenal. A familiar spot, but it was executed a lot more natural than usual. Shelley plants Eddy with a Hammerlock DDT and halts Quack with the Shellshock. He decides to not pin Quack and concentrates on Eddy as the commentators berate Shelley for his decision. He puts Eddy in a Liontamer and converts it into the Motor City Stretch as Quack sells and Arsenal has disappeared. Oh, he’s back and helps Shelley give Eddy a springboard flipping leg-drop Demolition Decapitator variant. Arsenal puts Eddy in a Camel Clutch as Shelley dances Eddy style in front of him before dropkicking him in the face. Arsenal does the same sexy dancing (well, not really) but dropkicks Shelley instead. Arsenal attempts a Fisherman Buster on the ring apron but Eddy’s foot gets caught on the ropes causing him to lose his balance and they both land on the outside in various painful positions. That was a nasty-arse botch but the crowd is surprisingly merciful. Back in, Arsenal and Eddy both neckbreaker each other after a suplex in a weird moment. Arsenal is tossed as Shelley and Eddy duel on the top rope…only for Arsenal to sneak in and push them both to the outside. Well at least that time was deliberate. Refreshed Quack sneaks in and gives Quack a backbreaker Stunner. He follows with the Pendulum of Doom and swings Arsenal’s head into the bottom turnbuckle for added effect. Ha! Quack ventures up top but Arsenal picks him up and gives him a Spinning Electric Chair type move. It gets two and I think that was his finisher. Eddy gives a pinning Arsenal The Sexy Plex and he knocks Quack down with a swinging overshoulder slam. Shelley wanders in but nearly gets pinned by Eddy’s backslide attempt so he gives him Angels Wings to a biiiig pop. Shelley doesn’t for the pin again, which is duly noted by Hero. Eddy survives being crotched on the top rope so be part of a massive man-train German Suplex off the top with Eddy at the top. Crowd behind him though, even as he’s sent outside. Arsenal follows him and Shelley locks Quack in the Border City Stretch but Quack somehow manages to credibly put Shelley in his own lock instead. Shelley, still in an oddly angry mood decides to elbow Quack a few times in the face. Hard. This only spurns Lightning Goattee on as he Palm Strikes Shelley as well as Eddy on the ring apron and Arsenal on the top rope. He tries to give Shelley another one but Shelley dares to try to counter so Quack hoists his counter up, locks in the Quackendriver II and explodes Shelley’s head all over the mat for the pin!

Winner and NEW CZW Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Mike Quackenbush (***1/4)

Very solid multi-man match with just the minor set-back from The Arsenal.

Post-match Quack tries to shake Shelley’s hand but Arsenal springboard dropkicks Shelley out of the ring. Quack is peeved and gives him the Quackendriver II and kicks him out of the ring. Quack and Eddy shake hands as they’re the biggest crowd favourites. They do the wacky Osaka Pro or wherever it’s from taunt/move/thing where everybody spins and jumps split-legged in the air to much crowd adulation.

The Arsenal went on CZWFans and informed everybody he had been knocked out by the Quackendriver II at the end. This annoyed him as Quack had told him to go easy on Quack. Wrestlers, eh.

Ruckus (w/ Robbie Mireno) vs. The Messiah (c) (CZW World Heavyweight Title)
SMV spoils the result of this by putting the winner on the DVD cover with the belt. WELL DONE, FUCKERS. The Messiah had held the title since October 2004 and this is also Ruckus’ first World Title shot ever. They duel to begin and Messiah ends up outside. He avoids a Ruckus flip to the outside but he lands on his feet and chair-shots Messiah instead. He backflips off the ring apron and works on Messiah’s ankles to take him down. This enables Ruckus to try the Shooting Star Press off the apron but again Messiah moves and again Ruckus lands on his feet and turns it into the Razzle Dazzle persuing Messiah who tries to roll out of each flip and fails. Nice opening so far, with Ruckus using what he has that none of the usual headliners have. Namely speed and agility. Messiah has been wrestling guys like Zandig, Flash and Pain the past few months in hardcore brawls so it actually makes sense that Ruckus’ offence would take him off guard. Messiah brings Ruckus down to his level with a Tornado DDT for two. He tosses Ruckus off top to a sloppy-looking neckbreaker for two. Ruckus regroups outside but Messiah follows with the Holy Roller. Messiah is agile for a hardcore guy but not agile enough to deal with a cruiserweight style wrestler. Mireno grabs Messiah as he enters the ring, so Ruckus kicks him and sets up the Razzle Dazzle on the floor again. Weirdly, Ruckus hits it but he’s the one who sells the move. Messiah gets up before he does and attempts a Lionsault back in the ring. Ruckus gets his knees up though and locks in a Dragon Sleeper after a backflip. The backflip must make the sleeper hurt more. Messiah doesn’t tap so he obviously didn’t flip hard enough. Handspring into a Tumbleweed sends Messiah into the corner so Ruckus nails the Razzle Dazzle in the corner. He gets a two. Crowd is split but is mostly silent. Ruckus flips some more but Messiah gives him a spinning TKO (Carlito’s Way). Messiah is busted open hardway. Both men are tired but Messiah manages a Backcracker before resting some more. Messiah exits by himself to presumably be sick underneath the ring. I’m not trying to be funny there, he looks out of it. Ruckus realises Messiah is messed up so he simply rolls up Messiah for the pin and title!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Ruckus (*1/2)

Messiah looked completely fucked towards the end, but was able to take Ruckus’ offence to an acceptable degree until then. It was still the right (if unexpected) decision to make, as there wasn’t anybody that fitted Messiah’s style near the main event anymore. With Wifebeater, Zandig and Kaos out and Gage and Pain tag teaming there was only Adam Flash left.

Crowd reacts louder for the title change than the rest of the match and BLK OUT come out to celebrate.

Overall: The show Gen Z SHOULD have been. All the titles change, nothing offensive and even the worst match meant something.



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